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Whether you’re a novice camper, or seasoned outdoor enthusiast, you’re sure to learn something new about the camping and caravanning lifestyle in our free daily seminars.

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— Sharing the drive – team effort

— Feeling comfortable in the “other” seat

— Solo travel

— Tips to take the stress out of towing

— Safety tips

Biography  – Julie Eggenhuizen

Managing Director of Getabout Training and Tow-Ed for 22 years.

Extensive experience in towing from the box trailer to the tip or 3.5T display trailer to Perth. Years of family travel towing camper trailers to full size caravans.

Julie spends a great deal of time on the road travelling and training and will talk about tips to make the travels safer and more enjoyable.

— Best places to go and times of year

— Travel distances and trip timing

— Secret places and must visit areas

Biography  – John Eggenhuizen

John Eggenhuizen has been towing for over 30 years, towing many different types of trailers including boats,  Caravans and a variety of trailers.

John has a strong training background, having been a Mine Warfare Instructor in the Royal Australian Navy back in the ’80’s, through to starting his own Registered Training Organisation in the mid 90’s. This business continues today and concentrates on Towing and 4WD courses.

John has been conducting towing training for 15 years and is one of the most respected authorities on the subject in Australia, having lead the famed Caravan Safaris for the National caravan industry for 5 years. 

He now leads a team of over 30 instructors nationwide.

Hayman Reese Technical Towing Expert, Gary Gardiner, will offer information and advice on how to make your towing experience safer and more enjoyable.  Gary will share his knowledge on the effectiveness of all things towing. Topics covered in this seminar include:

— Weight distribution

— Towing capacity

— Reversing techniques

— The importance of trailer braking systems

— Other towing tips on how to stay safe on the road

David Schneiders, the Senior Executive Sales & Operations of Pedders Suspension will speak about the impact of weight on light vehicles and caravans, demystify some of the industry jargon, myths and falsehoods in this industry. 

He will discuss a range of related topics including:

— Jargon Busting and Legal Compliance

— Vehicle and caravan selection

— Chassis Dynamics

— Suspension

— Wheel Alignment

— Tyre Contact and Steering Effectiveness

— Braking Efficiency and Stopping Distance

Biography  – David Schneiders

David has a wealth of experience collected along his journey of over 35 years in the automotive industry.

Having experienced a wide variety of vehicles through his extensive motorsport career (culminating in driving a Formula One car in Italy) and over 30 years with Pedders Suspension and Brakes, David’s experiences have seen him become recognized as one of the countries’ foremost experts in the area of light vehicle load management and compliance.

For the past 5 years David has dedicated himself to implementing Pedders Federally approved GVM upgrade certification program for a wide range of vehicles. During this period he has also worked collaboratively with industry and regulators alike, striving to constantly improve end user awareness of the issues and available solutions.